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Schedule of Sessions for TVOT NYC 2017 - Updated

ITVT is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for TVOT NYC 2017, our eighth annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show event (Thursday, December 7th, at the SVA Theatre, 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011).
TVOT NYC 2017 will pack all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show into an intensive, highly focused, dialog-driven, one-day event. It also represents your last best chance to network and do business with your industry peers before the holiday break!
Tickets to the event (priced at $1,075) are still available for purchase here. We advise purchasing your tickets as soon as possible (tickets will be priced at $1,275 at the door).
Eventbrite - TV of Tomorrow Show New York City 2017
Please note that:
  • The official Twitter hashtag of the show is #TVOTNYC, and the official Twitter account is @TVOTshow.
  • We will be announcing more details about a number of TVOT NYC 2017 panels, presentations and firesides in upcoming issues of the ITVT newsletter.
Silas Theatre and the Lobby
Registration, Breakfast, Schmoozing and Networking
Silas Theatre
Welcoming Address by Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief of ITVT
Silas Theatre
TV or Not TV? Where and How Are People Watching Video Today?
Ratings are up--or down. Viewers are multitasking--or focused. Everyone is cross-screen, cross-channel, cross-eyed. This panel will share the latest findings about how people are watching TV today, and what new insights and information we have on that video consumption behavior. Whether through monitoring of all WiFi devices in the home, using ACR technology to capture cross-device activity, looking at social media to understand its relationship to television, or monitoring the attention of viewing to the big screen, this panel will provide the latest and greatest on TV audiences, and what that means for content providers, advertisers, and tech companies. Panelists include:
Beatrice Theatre
Practical AI in the Content Ecosystem 
AI is everywhere and is different things to different people. So, in a highly creative industry of media and entertainment, what's the role of AI? What are practical and real uses of AI for better content creation, distribution, measurement, and monetization? This panel will get to the heart of AI value in the media and entertainment ecosystem. Panelists include:
Silas Theatre
How TV Measurement Is Ready to Take the Ball Back from Digital 
This session will attempt to identify the most pressing issues currently facing the TV measurement space, and explore the new technologies, methodologies and industry initiatives that are emerging to address those issues. Topics to be discussed include: How to address the lack of measurement standards across the various platforms on which TV is now being consumed; efforts to make duration of viewing a key element of measurement for digital video; why Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data from smart TV's is disrupting traditional panel and set-top box-based TV measurement; the significance of Thor and other new initiatives that are emerging to relate ad viewership to purchase behavior; and the extent to which the measurement/data industry is adequately laying the groundwork for new data-driven adtech, such as AI-powered advertising. Panelists include:
Beatrice Theatre
Beyond OTT: Delighting the Audience!​ Sponsored by Axonista

The ability to create moments of delight is a key strength of any great storyteller. 

During the past few years, where the models of delivery and consumption of TV have gone through huge transformation, the challenge has been to reach, grow--and keep--audiences on an ever-changing array of platforms. 

For the most part, linear TV has been shoved into mobile and OTT without much thought of the capabilities of these new platforms, and delighting the audience has gotten lost in the mix. 

Our panel of experts are leaders in storytelling across all types of genres and formats, from interactive shopping to news to VR. They share a common vision to delight and engage their audiences, and have succeeded at providing something of value that people actually want to engage with. 

We will discuss and share lessons learned in developing OTT strategies, growing audiences and monetizing them, and discuss the key challenges in creating interactive and immersive viewing experiences. Panelists include

Coffee, Schmoozing and Networking Break, Sponsored by Connekt
Silas Theatre
Fireside: Jonathan Barzilay, COO, PBS
Year after year, PBS and its member stations are rated America's most trusted institution. When you hear "it's on PBS," you gain an immediate understanding of both the content and the environment. PBS reaches nearly every single television home in the US, with carriage on virtually all cable, telco and satellite platforms, plus online, on-demand and social--all without commercials. PBS is a unique television powerhouse. In this intimate one-on-one discussion with Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, PBS COO Jonathan Barzilay will discuss the opportunities and challenges of public television in an exploding content and distribution ecosystem, and what PBS is doing to remain both relevant and impactful in this new age. 
Silas Theatre
Going Beyond the Box with Mobile + TV Synchronicity: An Exclusive Look at How TBS and TNT Utilize Data and Cutting-Edge Casting Tech to Reconnect the Living-Room Viewing Experience 
Today, more than ever, viewer engagement is fragmented across screens, but one constant remains: When presented with long-form video content, consumers opt for the largest screen available. Long-form content (greater than 20 minutes in length) represents the majority of time spent watching video across all screen sizes, at 63 percent. The average consumer spends 3x more time watching long-form video on a big screen than they do on mobile screens. Additionally, research shows that while more than 85% of the long-form entertainment consumed on mobile devices is watched within the home, the biggest challenge for content owners has been creating a frictionless consumer experience that bridges mobile content viewing with the biggest screens in the home. Until now…
Join TBS and TNT Chief Innovation Officer, Jesse Redniss, as he presents an in-depth case study on the networks' innovative solution that utilizes Vizbee Casting Technology to connect the viewer experience chasm of mobile discovery to television screens. With more than six months of learning and data that includes long-form dramas, comedy and even live events like baseball and the NBA, Redniss will provide insight into the adoption of this capability and discuss the ongoing evolution of consumer viewing habits and the impact of this evolution on the future of entertainment. Participants include:
Beatrice Theatre
Connected TV and Advertising
Like the advent of cable in the 70's, satellite in the 80's and DVR's in the 90's, connected TV offers benefits to consumers that are causing them to change the way they consume and pay for access to television content. It is also changing the way advertisers will reach those consumers. This panel will focus on how connected TV will impact the advertising ecosystem, covering such topics as how fast the transition to connected TV delivery will be, how ad loads will compare to traditional linear TV, what the balance will be between direct I/O and programmatic buying, and whether connected TV is the true path to cross-screen measurement and attribution. Panelists include:
Silas Theatre
AI and Advertising

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great promise for TV and video advertising--offering the potential, for example, to make programmatic buying more efficient and to make targeted advertising not only more accurate but--thanks to AI-powered creative versioning--more engaging and viewable. This session will bring together representatives of companies that are pioneering the application of AI to advertising, in order to highlight and assess the most significant developments and achievements in the field to date, and to outline the challenges that must still be overcome before AI-powered advertising becomes the norm. Panelists include:

Beatrice Theatre
Diginets: Why It's Time to Take the Multicast Business Seriously
This session will focus on the growing impact of digital/multicast networks on the landscape of TV advertising. A conservative estimate would be that digital multicast nets generate over $500 million in revenue, which will grow over the coming years as they expand their unique distribution ecosystem, build and grow their program and content offerings, and continue to siphon both viewers and revenue from more established program services and platforms. The panel will discuss and explore the ways these uniquely positioned channels are looking to grow their share of the viewership and advertising pie and are beginning to compete for general market dollars by offering advertisers different options and opportunities. Panelists include:
Silas Theatre
Presentation: Michael Strober, EVP of Client Strategy & Ad Innovation, Turner Broadcasting/Co-Head, Turner Ignite

The future of media and advertising will become what we imagine--and it will happen with unprecedented speed. We have the potential to realize exponentially better outcomes for consumers, advertisers and media companies by reimagining the purpose, form and measurement of advertising. Join Michael Strober, EVP of Client Strategy and Ad Innovation at Turner, for an exploration of our journey, and the things we can and should do now to transform the advertising value equation.


Silas Theatre
Presentation: Jenny Burke, SVP of Ad Sales Strategy, NBCUniversal
As audience fragmentation continues, hear from Jenny Burke, SVP of Advertising Sales Strategy at NBCUniversal, about how the largest portfolio of creative content in television prepares for a future where consumer choices for media consumption are limitless.


Beatrice Theatre
Laying the Groundwork for OTT
As SVOD celebrates its tenth birthday, it's tempting to believe all the technical challenges of delivery are solved. With online video entering the mainstream and audiences swelling to TV sizes, the demands on streaming technology have never been higher. This session brings together representatives from companies providing the technological infrastructure for live and time-shifted OTT television and video. They will identify the challenges and some of the technologies they are developing to address them.
Questions to be answered include: What new technologies are being developed to support the growth of direct-to- consumer OTT services? How are services able to cope with new formats such as Ultra HD, HDR, and AR? How is subscriber authentication changing to make it easier for consumers while maintaining the security of the content? What role are cloud-based technologies playing in the OTT space? In what ways could new OTT technologies fundamentally change the user experience of TV and other streaming media such as live social video? And what impact could changes in Net Neutrality policy have on the OTT infrastructure, and how are companies in this space preparing for such changes? Panelists include:
The Lobby
Lunch, Sponsored by Inscape
Silas Theatre
Data-Driven Advertising: Hurdles and Opportunities
This session will bring together representatives of companies at the forefront of data-driven advanced-TV/video advertising (including programmatic, addressable and DAI), in order to discuss the progress that has been made to date and the hurdles and opportunities that are still in the offing.
Topics to be covered include: How to address issues of brand safety that have been raised by programmatic buying; the potential of Blockchain technology to make programmatic buying more efficient and trustworthy; the possible impact of Google, Facebook, Amazon and other technology behemoths that are looking to play a major role in the data-driven TV/video advertising space--will the media and advertising industries have to resign themselves to a world where, to quote one prominent industry player, they will "have the rules written by someone else"?; the roadblocks preventing networks from delivering addressable advertising on a national scale and how to remove them; the potential of creative versioning to make advanced advertising more effective; the extent to which the key players in data-driven advertising are taking into account the increasing need for cross-platform campaigns that respond to changing viewing habits; the implications of the recent spate of investment and consolidation in the advanced-TV advertising space; the significance of the OpenAP initiative--how has it been faring to date and what is its roadmap?; and the potential impact of broadcast-television's new ATSC 3.0 standard on the advanced-TV advertising space. Panelists include:
Beatrice Theatre
The Emerging OTT Ecosystem and its Challenges
The number of people leaving the pay-TV fold increased to 1 million in the third quarter. During the same period subscribers to vMVPD services like SlingTV and DirecTV Now increased by almost the same number. Moreover, the number of homes that watch 50% or more of their TV from SVOD has reached 80 million by some estimates. This session seeks to map the contours of the emerging OTT ecosystem as operators and networks adjust to the new reality. It will explore how industry stakeholders are adopting new business and programming strategies to ensure that they survive and thrive in a cord-cut world. 
Topics to be discussed include: Are high churn-rates inevitable for vMVPD and SVOD services, and do the strategies used address the problem?; how major programming events (e.g. HBO's "Game of Thrones," Showtime's "Twin Peaks: The Return," CBS's "Star Trek," etc.) can be used to acquire and retain subscribers; sports-free "skinny bundles," and other vMVPD channel strategies; how many OTT services are too many?; do the launches of such services as FX+, AMC Premiere, and CBS All Access herald a fundamental shift to an a la carte model?; how can smaller SVOD services prosper in a space dominated by giants such as Netflix and Amazon?; and do vMVPD services compensate pay-TV providers for declines in their traditional subscriber base? Panelists include:
Silas Theatre
ATSC 3.0 Super-Session
ATSC 3.0 looms large in the future of television, with the capability of delivering multichannel broadcast pay-TV and other services to virtually every home-based and mobile device without cables, satellites or wires of any kind. It's a massive undertaking that many of us are struggling to pin down. TVOT NYC 2017 will endeavor to further your understanding with this two-part Super-Session: Part 1 will focus on the consumer products and content that ATSC 3.0 will deliver; Part 2 will focus on how the ATSC 3.0 platforms and partnerships will be configured to make it all work. Panelists include:
Beatrice Theatre
No Session Scheduled
Beatrice Theatre
360 VR Video Goes Mainstream 
This session will feature 360-video leaders discussing the breakthrough experiences they are producing for this exciting medium, and casting light on what to expect in the future. Panelists will do a deep dive into how the learnings from early 360-video productions are informing the next wave of innovative content. In addition, they will explore the impact 360-video has on audiences and the media business. Panelists include:
Schmoozing and Networking Break
Silas Theatre
Making Cross-Platform Measurement Make Sense 
No area of measurement is of greater importance today than cross-platform. The desire for a consistent metric that can be applied from TV to digital is uniform across the industry, but the approaches and methodologies being advocated to accomplish this are far from universally agreed to. In this special panel, the leader of the organization that is setting standards for cross-platform measurement, and the leaders of the organizations that are helping to ensure their adoption, as well as the leading providers of content and ad identifiers that will enable effective measurement, will come together to discuss where we stand and what lies ahead. 
Join representatives from the MRC, the 4A's, the ANA and IAB, working collectively as 3MS (Making Measurement Make Sense), along with the heads of Ad-ID and EIDR, to learn what standards exist today for cross-platform measurement, what standards are yet to come and why such standards hold the best hope for coming to agreement on a consistent metric. Panelists include:
Beatrice Theatre
Designer-Technologist Dialog on the Future of the TV Viewing Experience
This session will bring together technology innovators and prominent TV/video UI/UX experts, in order to identify new technologies--including personalization, voice-activated AI, OTA-OTT integration, and more--that could have a major impact on the future of the viewing experience; and to attempt to visualize how fundamentally those technologies might change our relationship with the screen. Among other things, panelists will debate how designers can visualize the new viewing experiences that these technologies make possible in a way that truly takes into account their potential, rather than relying on old UI/UX paradigms; and discuss how imaginative and innovative design might accelerate--and lackluster design retard--the uptake of these new technologies. Panelists include:
Silas Theatre
DataVision Killed the Demographic Star
While a few doubters love to continue the narrative that targeting has gone too far and doesn't work, many of us who actually work in data know better. This session will give attendees an honest assessment of the current state of the industry, the latest techniques being used in the marketplace, and what it takes to be successful in a data-driven world. Hear from a panel of experts, who among other things will show why, while 2017 was good, 2018 will be even better. We have data to prove it…. Panelists include:
  • Lung Huang, Global SVP of Business Development, Merkle (Moderator)
  • Mike Katz, Enterprise Services Manager, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
  • Allison Metcalfe, GM of LiveRamp TV, LiveRamp, an Acxiom Company
  • Sandeep Milar, Global Head of Visa Advertising Solutions, Visa
  • Mark Risis, Head of Global Data Partnerships, Watson Advertising, IBM 
Beatrice Theatre
The New Mainstream Media: Social Video and Its Implications
90 percent of the mainstream media is owned by six companies. Yet the emerging mainstream--social video--is a distributed network of content creators who are going direct-to-audience. This session will a) explore the ways in which social video and the new paradigms (for creators, for content, and for the relationship with the audience) to which it has given rise, will change the nature of television; and b) ask what role the established media companies will have to play as social video becomes the new mainstream. Will those companies still be relevant? Will it even be possible for content producers to assert authority amidst the democratization of video? What is the future of TV in an age of fragmented attention? And what new possibilities--and pitfalls--will emerge? Panelists include:
Silas Theatre
Digital Chiefs Roundtable
This session will bring together a circle of "digital chiefs" from established networks, studios and other players to discuss the new platforms and technologies with which they are engaging; the strategies that are driving this engagement; the new entertainment experiences and business models these digital leaders are eyeing, as they embrace OTT, social video, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, IoT, eSports and other innovations; the ways in which their companies as a whole will be impacted by the need to reinvent themselves for the digital age; the research-and-development infrastructure those companies are putting in place in order to foster innovation; and what they are developing as a result of their R&D. To catalyze discussion, the panel will also include a representative of a new platform that is widely expected to have a significant impact on TV and video entertainment in the coming years. Panelists include:
Beatrice Theatre
The Turn to "Soft Power": Influencer Marketing and Branded Content in Social Video
With adblocking software now being used by--according to one estimate--over 35% of Internet users, brands are increasingly turning from the "hard power" of traditional advertising to the "soft power" of influencer marketing and branded content in order to reach consumers--and it's clear that one of the primary areas where this phenomenon is unfolding is in the social-video space. 
This session will feature some of the most influential figures in influencer marketing and branded content sharing the lessons they have learned and best practices they have developed to date in this still-emerging field, while addressing such questions as: What is "authentic marketing" and why is it so important when trying to engage with "digital natives"? How should brands and agencies go about selecting influencers for their campaigns? Why do some experts argue that "micro-influencers" are more effective than major ones? How can social video build "community" around a brand and why is this important? How to assess ROI on an influencer-marketing campaign? How to make branded content "go viral"? And to what extent are new regulations likely to impact influencer marketing and branded content going forward? Panelists include:
Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by Lotame
TVOT NYC 2017 Agents Provocateurs
Agent Provocateur is a role unique to The TV of Tomorrow Show. Selected because of the significant work they and their companies have done to further the advanced-TV industry, TVOT Agents Provocateurs are panelists-without-portfolio, as it were, whose purpose is to catalyze discussion by asking informed questions from the floor and engaging in interesting conversations with attendees. Agents Provocateurs for TVOT NYC 2017 include: