What People Are Saying About TVOT

Here are just a few of the great compliments we received for our 2012 San Francisco and New York events.

Leslie Ellis
"I cannot say enough good things about you and this year's TVOT conference. The venue was beyond compare, artistic and functional and funky and the gardens and OMIGOD I *love* Yerba Buena. For real the best venue I have ever experienced. I do realize I am gushing like a GIRL, but I just loved it. The size of the conference was ideal: Not too big. Not too small. Just right. The sessions were perfectly relevant and hit along the major chords of the sector in a way that belies your passion and expertise. And I will just never, ever get over (in a good way) you getting misty over Philo Farnsworth's birthday, your discussions with his wife Pam, and then exclaiming "I am verklempt." WHO SAYS I'M VERKLEMPT? I LOVE IT. J The depth of your passion is genuine and extremely refreshing. I just really loved everything about TVOT. Thank you for including me. Two BIG thumbs up. If I had a third thumb, it'd be up too. Thanks for the putting it together, and thanks for including me. "
Mike Monello
Executive Creative Director
"Thank you for inviting me to participate in TV of Tomorrow. It was really a fantastic experience all around and very different from the conferences I've attended in the past, in the best way possible. I enjoyed learning about aspects of the business that I normally don't have contact with (but clearly should) and I found the range of topics and discussions was excellent. I'm still thinking about Nathan Shedroff's amazing presentation, one of the best I've seen in years. I hope I was able to contribute as much as I took away."
Gerard Johnson
Principal - Media & Entertainment
"Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show. It always draws the Crème de la Crème."
Ken Venturi
Chief Creative Officer
NCM Media Networks
"I loved your event! Some of the best presentation and discussion I have experienced in a while. Congratulations!!!"
Lisa Farris
CEO and Founder
Get This
"TVOT was a wonderful event. I'm only sorry I had not planned to stay for both days."
Channing Dawson
Senior Advisor
Scrrips Networks
"Fantastic conference. The bar is raised."
Russ Schafer
Senior Director of Global Product Marketing, Connected TV
Yahoo! Connected TV
"Enjoyed the conference."
Sam Pemberton
Industry Analyst (Advisor and Former CEO, Softel)
Miranda Technologies
"A note to say a big thank you for putting the show on. I really enjoyed it, had a series of excellent conversations, and can't wait for the next one!"
Eli Weisman
VP, Interactive TV
Trailer Park
"With any luck you have recovered from yet another amazing show. Thank you so much for another incredible event. We really enjoyed playing a larger part this year and are looking forward to the spring show in SF"
Robert Dandrea
Distinguished Engineer, National Engineering & Technical Operations
"Really great job pulling together a conference that allowed an open discussion of many of the opportunities and challenges for our future."
Sam Pemberton
Industry Analyst (Advisor and Former CEO, Softel)
Miranda Technologies
"An important note to say a HUGE thank you for doing such a great job last week. We were delighted with all aspects of the show and look forward to supporting the event next year....You once again created a truly special and differentiated show, with quality and original panels, and a great group of mover and shaker attendees. We were delighted with the quality of conversations we had. Equally, the papers were of a high standard, as were the speakers. Tracy, Richard and their team are to be commended for creating a differentiated event that was both productive, and yet unusually enjoyable. "
Jon Dakss
Vice President, Interactive Media Technology
NBC Universal
"Serious kudos to you on the agenda."
Mike Monello
Partner and Chief Creative Officer
"Thank you for inviting me to participate in TV of Tomorrow. It was really a fantastic experience all around and very different from the conferences I've attended in the past, in the best way possible. I enjoyed learning about aspects of the business that I normally don't have contact with (but clearly should) and I found the range of topics and discussions was excellent."
Chris Falkner
SVP – Advanced TV
NBC Broadcast
"Thanks again for pulling together a great event on Monday! I am looking forward to next summer's!"
Sam Pemberton
Industry Analyst (Advisor and Former CEO, Softel)
Miranda Technologies
"All of us at the Softel Group were very proud to sponsor TV of Tomorrow. Once again, Tracy and her team managed to create an innovative and truly unique conference attended by mover and shaker executives from the industry. Well done to everyone concerned!"
Adam Cahan
Founder, CEO
IntoNow, Inc.
"Thought it was a great conference."
Jason Trucco
"Thank you for inviting me to a wonderful show."
Tony G. Werner
Comcast Cable
"Just a note to thank you for having me at your event. I heard that the entire event was a huge success."
Yosi Glick
Co-Founder and CEO
"Thanks for your great hospitality for including Jinni in your amazing event."
Tracy Evans
Co-Founder & COO
"Wow, what an amazing event you put on. Everything about TVOT was top notch; from the speakers and presenters, to details like food and stage sets. From the high quality (and quantity) of information presented, to the high-level industry players involved. The organization alone of the event was impressive, while the execution was superlative. Everything ran on-time and as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Your team is to be highly commended as well. I cannot thank you enough for including me in the Social Media panel discussion. And the time you spent with me personally, introducing me to people and helping me spread the word about theatrics.com, was extremely generous. Thank you for welcoming myself and my company into the industry."
adam lowry
Adam J. Lowy
General Manager of Advanced Television
DISH Network
"Well done Tracy: another great event filled with innovative ideas and great people! Thank you for having me and look forward to TVOT in '13!"
Gary Shapiro
President and CEO
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
"I was most impressed with the quality of the conference. The stage set, art exhibit, audience quality and planning were amazing. Fantastic job."
Mike Ryan
CEO, Founder
A Different Engine
"I have to say - great show. I had an awesome time and made a lot of good contacts."
Yoni Bloch
CEO, Founder and Well-known Israeli Musician
"I had a great time."
Vibha Ristagi
"It was wonderful to see you, and the show was incredible!"
Peter Low
President & CEO
"Thank you Tracy for providing such a wonderful forum for us and this great industry."
Anthony Rose
Co-Founder and CTO
"Tracy, a huge thanks for a brilliant TVOT event, and for that much coveted speaking opportunity - hugely appreciated."
Clayton Banks
Ember Media
"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in TVOT 2011. Our unique session was particularly interesting. From preparation to the actual discussion, I really enjoyed the whole process."
Aimee Viles
SVP of Emerging Media
Bravo Media
"I wanted to say thank you for the invite to speak on a panel and the great conference. It is fantastic to see the momentum continue to build after all these years and the conference feels like a reunion of friends as much as a business venture. "
Anne-Marie Roussel
Investor & Co-Founder
"It was indeed great fun to verbally spar in such good company! Bravo to Tracy for the awesome stage set-up, to Will for the fearless time-keeping and to my panel "partners-in-crime" for their daring opinions! Looking forward to meeting again at the next TVOT show."
Matt Apfel
VP of Content, East Coast
"Really appreciate the opportunity to join yesterday...It was really fun."
Ashley Swartz
Furious Minds
"#tvotnyc was amazing this year!!! Thank you @tswedlow and team! The dialogue here is essential for our industry!"
Joan FitzGerald
SVP, Television and Cross-Media Solutions
comScore, Inc.
"Thanks for a terrific conference. I have to say I was overwhelmed by the positive response to my presentation (and the presentations by all of the speakers in my section).  I must have collected over 30 business cards. The content of the conference was so relevant to what we are doing at comScore. "
Steve Tranter
Steve Tranter
VP Broadband and Interactive
"This is one of the few events where I'm sure I'll meet the right people at the right place with the right topics to discuss," said Steve Tranter, Vice President of Broadband and Interactive for NDS.  "Not to mention, it's always a lot of fun! (2007, 2008, 2009 SPONSOR) "
Dr. Duane Varan
Chief Research Officer - Executive Director
Disney Media & Advertising Lab - Interactive Television Research Institute at Murdoch University in Australia
"It was a GREAT conference Tracy. What most impressed me was the diversity of the participants... You have brought together the entire value chain in one spot which is very, very cool."
Jasper Smith
"A quick note to say what a brilliant show it was. Well done! As ever, really interesting people, great sessions and thoroughly enjoyable...I think you did a great job capturing the spirit of the moment."
Debbie Fitzgerald
Principal Architect
"Great show!"
Barry Frey
EVP, Advanced Platform Sales
Cablevision Systems Corp.
"Great event this year. Great energy, ideas, conversations. The downstairs set up was terrific."
Harvey Kent
Chief Media Strategist
"I wanted to let you know that me and my team from Donovan thought this was a terrific conference. Great content, people and venue."
Kevin Shaw, Ph.D
Sensor Platforms
"I just wanted to thank you for putting on such an awesome show! I had a great time and met some great people. The topics were excellent, the food was tasty and the location superb."
Lisa Hsia
EVP of Digital
Bravo and Oxygen Media
"Belated thanks for organizing a fantastic conference. Having been to many of these things, yours is one of the best because of the high quality of attendees and discussion. Plus you know everyone and are so sincere; it was really enjoyable on all levels. Thank you so much for including me."
Eoin Dowling
CEO & Co-Founder
"Really enjoyed the show; think it was a roaring success. Thanks for the opportunity on the panel, met some great people."
Dustin Callif
EP Digital
Tool of North America
"It was fun to be a part of it. I met some great people."
Nathan Shedroff
Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy
California College of the Arts
"Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your conference again this year. I really like the risks you take with content and format--and, you're successful doing so. I met some fascinating people."
Nick DeMartino
Nick DeMartino Consulting
"Just a quick note among many, I'm sure, to congratulate you and Richard and your team on an excellent event. Your curatorial mastery is coming into its own now. You have an extraordinary ability to tell a story using the medium of conference planning. It's a mix of being very smart about the content and very savvy about the people. This has always been true, but I think you have crossed an invisible line into another dimension with this show. Everything ran on time, with a professionalism that was a joy to behold. "
Elizabeth Braiman
Manager, Business Development, Distribution
A & E Networks
"Great job with the show this year! Would love for AETN to be involved again in the spring."
Rachelle Zoffer
Director, FiOS TV Content Acquisition & Programming
Verizon FiOS TV
"Thank you again for another inspiring conference!  I felt recharged and ready to change the world when I returned to work after an amazing week of networking in San Francisco. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the conference – from judging, to speaking on the panels, to presenting an award."
Matt Bayer
VP, Advanced TV
Matt Bayer
Supervisor, National Broadcast
Magna Global
"Fantastic work putting together such a great event for the business. Events like these really help to move the needle forward for the ITV business and I'm appreciative of that."