Ty Amhad-Taylor

Head of Smart TV Services
Samsung Electronics

With more than 16 years of experience in creating revenue-generating sites for broadband, 15 years in interactive television, and 22 years in information design, Ty Ahmad-Taylor is a recognized authority in creating deeply engaging and profitable experiences for viewers across multiple screens.

He is currently the Head of Smart TV Services at Samsung Electronics, creating interactive television applications for the world's largest television and smart phone manufacturer.
He came to Samsung after his startup, FanFeedr, was acquired by the company in October of 2012. FanFeedr created an operating system for sports content that delivered the best news and information for over 4,000 sports teams and 55,000 players directly into social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as mobile, web and television devices. FanFeedr was founded in 2008 in New York City.

Prior to starting that company, Ty was the Senior Vice President for Strategy and Product Development at MTV Networks' Music & Logo Group. He was responsible for all of the customer facing Web sites in that group from a product standpoint, and also directly oversaw strategic business-to-business initiatives like the MTV Music Content API, MTV Networks white-label widget framework, the implementation of the Rhapsody music service on the collection of sites, as well as the implementation of community features on VH1.com and CMT.com.
His biggest successes include the MTV Music site and its accompanying Facebook application, MTV Videos. Ty also successfully led the re-launch of MTV.com and spearheaded the integration of community features into the site.
Prior to MTV Networks, Ty served as the Director of Strategic Planning for Comcast Cable Corporation's broadband group. He was later promoted to Senior Director for cross-platform applications, where his responsibilities included interactive applications that straddle distribution channels (television, web and mobile), such as video search, games and music.
Ty has authored many forward-thinking articles on emerging Internet trends, special effects in cinema, and the video game industry, and also holds 10 patents in the fields of television and web product development.  Additionally, he advised two startups, Twigmore and Wham Labs, and he was the Executive Treasurer of All For Good, a service-based not-for-profit, which also receives support from other founders and executives at Huffington Post, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. He was also the Treasurer for the New York Digital District, a 200-company strong group representing startups in Brooklyn, NYC.
Ty began his career at the New York Times as an Infographics Editor, working in National and International news. From the Times he moved West to join the @Home Network as Creative Director, and led the company's efforts to create next-generation portals for broadband and interactive television. @Home had a $28B market cap when he left.
After a year sabbatical in 2000 to study cooking and French, Ty returned to technology, working as the Chief Creative Architect for MetaTV, an iTV concern based in California. In this role, Ty generated user interface patents, and led the design of interactive television portals for Comcast, Cox, Echostar and other MSO and satellite operators. After the first initial round of investment from Redpoint, Comcast bought the venture and changed the name to TV Works Applications.
No thanks to a knee injury in 1994, Ty has remained on the sidelines cheering for his favorite sports teams – the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, and FC Barcelona. He also supports his two children’s goals of becoming a fairy princess and a fighter pilot.  Ty lives in his hometown, San Francisco.