Maya Zuckerman

Founder, Producer & Creative Technologist

Maya is a transmedia producer and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of transmedia to world-changing ideas

She brings a wealth of experience from different media silos: visual effects, film, production, gaming, startups, product management and brand narrative. She has worked with big feature films and on game cinematics such as "Ghostbusters" and “Star-Trek online” for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Vivendi and Activision. She has also worked in product development for companies such as the Chopra Center, Harpo Productions and

Current projects include:

Transmedia SF - An agency and a movement. She is a co-founder of the agency and the transmedia producer for their first interactive documentary - Madame Mars - woman and the quest for other worlds.

MYTHAPHI – a media production and distribution platform for the socially conscious human looking for emerging culture and technology.

Keyframe-Entertainment - where she is creating a thriving media and business ecosystem for the whole Transformational culture.

Dark Prophet - A sci-fi franchise telling the story of a math genius and DJ who finds hidden messages in music.