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Showrunner Panel at TVOT SF 2017: Ronald D. Moore, William N. Fordes, John Cabrera

Lisa Crawford, Ronald D. Moore, Bill Fordes, John Cabrera

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT SF 2017 panel session, "World-Building Showrunners: Creating and Promoting Genre Content in the Multiplatform Age." The session was described in the show brochure as follows: "The present era of multiplatform television, widely considered to be a golden age of high-quality content, relies heavily on world-building by innovative and often experienced showrunners. 

Conditioned by exposure to increasingly well-realized TV worlds, from the sci-fi/dystopian/futuristic to the challenging realities of American cities, audiences have high expectations of content worlds and the writers who create them. 

This panel will feature renowned sci-fi writer and showrunner Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek TNG and DS9Battlestar GalacticaOutlander); The Man in the High Castle Co-Executive Producer William N. Fordes (Law and Order); and ascendant digital showrunner John Cabrera (H+: The Digital SeriesAugust One). It will be moderated by [itvt] columnist, Lisa Crawford.

Topics of discussion will include: How TV creators have planted the seeds of a future that sometimes (at least partially) comes to pass--in culture, technology, or in other ways; whether world-building has evolved at the creative and management levels, affecting the approach to storytelling and writers' rooms; and what it's like to engage with fans across platforms, and respond to their expectations, as the master of a particular world.    

(Note: We will be publishing audio and video recordings of a range of TVOT SF 2017 panels and keynotes over the coming weeks; and we will be announcing the next TVOT show shortly.)

Ronald D. Moore

Bill Fordes

John Cabrera